Meet the Teams


After having almost 60 ideas pitched on Wednesday morning, the participants voted on the ideas they liked best. Meet our 16 who will shake it up this afternoon!

LehWeFundIt is a Caribbean crowd-funding platform. Entrepreneurs submit their ideas online, specifying how much funding they need and the timeline in which to get it. The public can browse through the submitted ideas and contribute towards fund the ones that are appealing to them. The entrepreneurs only receive the funding if they have met their target fund by the deadline date.

TASKI – Your Commuting Companion
Transit Web-based mobile application which features certified hired taxi services, real-time traffic information and the location of all the taxi stands in Trinidad and Tobago.

Hyperion Nanotechnology Solutions
Hyperion is a nanotechnology company that specializes in the supply of nano-structured super-hydrophobic and oleo-phobic coating solutions.

LimeQuesTT is a mobile app dedicated to helping you discover the native beauty of Trinidad and Tobago in an interactive format.

Providing increase financial access to assist our customers to maximize their potential. We aim to create payment solutions that are innovative, secure, flexible and efficient.

A brand development and advertising platform that utilizing augmented reality technology to create a more engaging brand experience with your customers

A digital platform built for the facilitating of entrepreneurial communities.

Smart Unit
The starting point to develop a retrofit device to convert standard appliances into smart devices, which are controlled and accessed through a wireless connection. (Bluetooth demo)

T&T Expedition
We are a team of multifaceted individuals collaborating on a Android mobile application, which enhances the experience for both locals and tourists of the country. This application maps places of interest and restaurants, along with displaying current information on events.

At PublicMine, we help corporations, media outlets and ordinary end users to illustrate their world through the power of Big Data and Information Design. PublicMine works with clients to implement smart data driven strategies using our unique visual analytics. We are at the forefront of helping clients across industries in Trinidad and Tobago find answers to their problems that are hidden in large complex datasets. Whether it’s data mining, predicative modeling, forecasting, statistical analysis or optimization with big data, PublicMine can help your organization find the best bespoke solution, guiding you towards making better data-driven decisions, and doing it in a way that is engaging and fun.

Digi ProS
We provide the resources, people and space to allow anyone to build their dreams and design the future using technology regardless of their level of competence

Tourist Eco-System. The total vacation experience for tourist and local alike

Choose Good
We help Non-Governmental Organisations and Non-Profit Organisations (NGOs) find resources, recruit volunteers and collaborate with other NGOs. For the volunteer, we will connect you to NGOs with causes that you are passionate about.

Find your car parts in the Bamboo!

Carib e-couture
The Premier Brand Ambassador for the Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Market, we promote Trinidad and Tobago brands and the fashion Tourism experience on an e-commerce platform

Doubles Tycoon
“Doubles Tycoon” is an interactive game which takes the player on a quest to become to the best doubles vendor in “tong”. Work begins in the small village “Behind God’s Back” and with quick, quick, quick doubles making skills you can become the best doubles vendor in town ! Now available in the Google Play Store.