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May 22
  • Registration Starts
  • Welcome & Speakers
  • Pitches Start
  • Lunch
  • Attendees finish vote for the top ideas
  • Teams start forming and discussing ideas
  • Start to formalize teams and take an inventory of skills. Be honest, and direct about what resources and skills are needed for the event.
  • Dinner
  • Finished for the day. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow


May 23
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Call for needs & skills
  • Coaches help teams one-on-one. They are here to help!
  • Lunch
  • Mid event check-in, status reports, call for help
  • Coaches help teams one-on-one. They are here to help!
  • Dinner
  • Finished for the day. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow


May 24
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Call for help (this is self motivated, so don’t be shy)
  • Coaches arrive… ASK QUESTIONS
  • Gut check. Start prepping for presentations
  • Lunch
  • Judging & awards
  • Wrapup and Go Home!
Double Gold Sponsor

Kama Maharaj

CEO and Founder of Sacha Cosmetics

Mr Satya Kama Maharaj (BA Hons. economics, York University, Canada) is the CEO and Founder of Sacha Cosmetics, the leading brand of cosmetics in the Caribbean. Sacha was the Official Cosmetics of the 1999 Miss Universe Pageant, the 2000 Miss USA Pageant and the 2001 Miss USA Pageant. Mr Maharaj is currently the chairman of the Betting Levy Board where he has previously been a director. He is also a former director of the Prices Commission, the AIC Financial Group Limited and the Central Trinidad Steel Limited. He has served as President of the Arima Race Club and Vice-Chairman of the Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Corporation Limited. Mr Maharaj is also a country winner of the Pioneers of Prosperity Competition for the Most Outstanding SME, a finalist for the Caribbean Entrepreneur of the Year Award and The Prime Minister’s Life Time Award for Innovation, and a first runner up in Trinidad and Tobago’s Most Admired CEO Competition.

Gold Sponsors

Brian Mac Farlane

Design Master and Conceptual Artist

BRIAN MAC FARLANE embodies the valour, vibrance, vigour and vitality of Carnival. Exalted in the collective consciousness of costume designers, the world over, his awe-inspiring, award-winning masterpieces and his custom crafted, palatial, performance pieces pulsate to the rhythm of his creative genius.

Brian's design dossier has won him many awards and accolades around the world. Apart from capturing many of Trinidad and Tobago's coveted Carnival band titles for design over the past two decades, Brian has been sought after to design presentations for Miss Universe, theatre productions for the Summit of the Americas and for visiting dignitaries and cultural presentations in London which formed part of the Olympic celebrations of the London 2012 Olympics. Over the years his presentations and designs grew more regal, rich, exciting and outstanding speaking to the way we had developed as a country and Brian’s desire for Trinidad and Tobago to be more.

In 2010, he was awarded Trinidad and Tobago's prestigious Chaconia Medal Gold for Carnival arts and Culture, transforming the life of a nation, and, annually, giving Carnival masqueraders another reason for living.

Denise-Margaret Thompson, PhD

Professor, Centre for Production Systems, UTT

Denise-Margaret Thompson serves as Professor in UTT’s Centre for Production Systems with primary research, teaching and outreach responsibility for UTT’s innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives across UTT campuses. Combining teaching and research interests in technology innovation and commercialization, and entrepreneurship for sustainable social and economic development, she directs several UTT competitively-won international research projects, leveraging knowledge transfer expertise for sustainable, re-structuring of diverse sectors from Caribbean fine cocoa to local creative industries.

Professor Thompson serves as Director, Caribbean Fine Cocoa Forum, Vice Chair, Inter-School/Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, and Chair, Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company.

Kevin Khelawan

Co-Founder/COO, Teleios Systems

Kevin is a co-founder, Chief Operating Officer and Director Innovation & New Business of Teleios Systems. He has developed software for multiple industries using a wide range of technologies and currently leads product development and planning, marketing, innovation and new business strategies at Teleios. He was responsible for the development of Teleios' solutions including the original flagship MessageCentral Mobile Messaging Service Delivery Platform and its pension administration solution. He was also responsible for the design and development of the company's pivotal distributed services architecture. Kevin was the first English speaking Caribbean native to receive Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional Award and has presented widely as a Microsoft MVP. He is the founder and first president of the Trinidad and Tobago Microsoft Software Developer's Group.

Darcel de Vlugt

Fashion Designer/Editor   |  

27-year-old Darcel de Vlugt is a fashion designer born in Trinidad, raised in the Middle East and Mediterranean and trained in Europe. A graduate of the London College of Fashion, she has showcased twice at the Islands of the World Fashion Week in the Bahamas, winning the Next Generation Designer Award 2009. She was one of three designers chosen by the British Fashion Council and the Fashion Association of Trinidad and Tobago to showcase at the International Fashion Showcase 2013 at London Fashion Week. Ms de Vlugt designs under her label Van der Vlugt, is a freelance fashion writer and is the Editor-in-Chief for Caribbean Fashion Style Journal. As an ambassador for Vitiligo, she has appeared on US and UK public television and is responsible for the execution of the first Walk For Skin in Trinidad. She regularly speaks about her experiences as a mentor to others, particularly young children and teens.

Kerwyn Valley

CEO KCL Capital Market Brokers Limited

Kerwyn Valley (MBA, finance and international business) has held several management positions in leading institutions in the financial services industry in Canada and executive positions in Trinidad. In Canada, these include the Royal Bank of Canada, in Trinidad AIC Financial Group and KCL Capital Market Brokers Ltd, where he is currently CEO. He is a recipient of the coveted Royal Performance award given annually to the top 1% of RBC's global employees, and other awards for business development, team building and portfolio growth. He has led strategic buy-outs and alliances, the latter including an alliance between a US trade finance company and a CAD$1b Canadian company that generated over CAD$30m in new business in 6 months. Mr. Valley has extensive experience as a workshop facilitator for aspiring Canadian entrepreneurs.

Silver Sponsors

Georgina Terry

FCCA PMP–The Passions to Profitability Expert   |  

Georgina Terry is a business and people development coach with a difference – she is a qualified accountant, mentor, change management consultant, local and international inspirational speaker, International Labour Organisational (ILO) certified trainer, project management professional and author of the bestselling book ‘The Amazing Race to Entrepreneurial Freedom’. With over 20 years’ of outstanding results, delivery and experience with international and multi-cultural clients around the world, Georgina uses her skills and knowledge to help people achieve previously unrealised business and personal goals by desire and design, rather than by default. She says, “I believe, to the core of my being, that when you tap into your passion you will never work again, because work will become PLAY!!’
[Read More...]

Simon Fraser

Lecturer in Information Systems, ecommerce and Information Security

Simon Fraser’s work experience includes sales and marketing in what is now known as Fujitsu-Transaction Systems in Trinidad and the wider Caribbean. Afterwards, he was responsible for the information systems at the Tourism and Industrial Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago. Simon also served as the general manager of the ISP Group, a consortium of three internet service providers in Trinidad. Today Simon is a lecturer in Information Systems, ecommerce and Information Security at The University of the West Indies.

Lesley-Ann Noel

Product Designer/Entrepreneur/Lecturer   |   LinkedIn

Lesley-Ann Noel is a product designer and has done extensive work in product design, export product development and entrepreneurship training for development agencies working with rural and semi-rural entrepreneurs and manufacturers in Africa, South America and the Caribbean. Ms. Noel is also a lecturer in Design, and the Coordinator of the Visual Arts Unit at the Department of Creative and Festival Arts of the University of the West Indies, in Trinidad.

Ms. Noel is the founder of Manzanare Design Solutions Ltd, a design consultancy, and is the founder of Chic Shak Lifestyle, a craft retail boutique which was based in Trinidad & Tobago from 2003 to 2011.

G. Derrick Lewis

Software Developer/Certified Innovation Trainer   |   LinkedIn

G. Derrick Lewis is a systems developer with 15 years’ experience guiding the adoption of enterprise software and business process reengineering.  Mr. Lewis began his career at the World Bank Group in business process support and learned quickly that the true power of technology is in delivering value to customers.  In his current role as Information Technology Officer at the University of the West Indies, Mr. Lewis has had full implementation cycle experience in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and human resources information systems (HRIS). 

Mr. Lewis is an active small business entrepreneur and a Certified Innovation Trainer.

Indera Sagewan-Alli

Economist/Exec. Director   |   LinkedIn

Mrs. Sagewan-Alli (MSc. Economics, BA History) is the Executive Director of the Caribbean Centre for Competitiveness of the University of the West Indies and is currently completing the PhD in International Relations and the LLB. She holds Post Graduate diplomas in Project Cycle Management, Privatization and Private Sector Development and Oil and Gas Management, and is a U.S.A Certified Adult Trainer with specialization in leadership development, Time and Life Management, Team building and Conflict resolutions, Emotional Intelligence and Effective Presentation.

Mrs. Sagewan-Alli has provided professional leadership training and economic consultancy services and served on several boards. She was an MP in the Trinidad and Tobago parliament and served as Ministerial advisor and analyst. She brings a holistic perspective to bear on issues of national development and her life’s goals revolve around the creation of harmony and inspiring a strong sense of social responsibility.

Ian T. Alleyne

Lecturer, UTT/CFA, MBA   |   LinkedIn

Ian T. Alleyne is a CFA charterholder and currently lectures on business and entrepreneurship at The University of Trinidad and Tobago. Prior to joining the university, Mr. Alleyne worked in the bank and finance sector with RBTT Bank Limited (now Royal Bank of Canada) and Development Finance Limited. His tenure at these institutions comprised nine years in IT and the remainder in finance.

Mr. Alleyne has written several articles for the electronic newsletter, and the Business Guardian. He started the entrepreneurial blog and the Lean Startup Caribbean group on Linkedin.

Gem Bleasdell, BSc, MHI

From age fifteen (15) Gem began doing private graphic design jobs for friends and family members. This introduction caused a yearning for Computer Science, Digital Technology and Virtual Art and Design that followed her through college to graduate school. It was at Carnegie Mellon University that Gem discovered Human Computer Interaction, a field that married her three loves - Computer Science, Graphic Arts and Psychology - into Interface Design.

Before finishing her MHI degree, Gem accepted a position at a reputable Software Development Company (Outsystems, SA) in Portugal. However, the excitement and art of Europe was not enough to keep her from returning to Trinidad where she started her own company, Global Research and Strategy Planning.

Nicholas Pallai

Solutions Architect, Teleios Systems Ltd.

Nicholas Pallai is the Solutions Architect for the Mobile Products and Services group at Teleios Systems Ltd. His team operates in the mobile applications and systems field as well as in the telecommunications industry delivering value added services to mobile networks in Trinidad & Tobago as well as a number of regional territories such as Belize, Jamaica and Suriname. His current role as Architect sees him involved in projects throughout the entire software lifecycle ranging from consulting, conceptual and functional design, code implementation, deployment and maintenance.

Nicholas also provides technical input and guidance as part of the team at Teleios responsible for the delivery and growth of an annual software development competition, called Teleios Code Jam, which targets students at the tertiary education level.

Adelagun Harrington

Manager - Oracle PeopleSoft Applications, ILLUMINAT (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited

Professionally, Adelagun is a highly accomplished Project Manager and Independent Consultant with experience in Project Management & Leadership, Chart of Accounts Configuration, Full Life Cycle Implementation & Design, Upgrades, Process Efficiency Assessment & Evaluation, Conversion, Business Process Analysis & Reengineering, Custom Development and Modifications, Financial Report Development, Testing, Production Support and Change Management.

Adelagun has been involved as a mentor/coach in youth experiences all over the USA, The Anthony Robbins Foundation’s Global Youth Leadership Summit, Teen Journey, Big Brothers and Sisters and The YA! Experience and in Trinidad and Tobago, where she collaborates with Loveuntil Foundation.

Kenfield Griffith

Founder and CEO, mSurvey   |   LinkedIn

Kenfield Griffith is the CEO and Founder of mSurvey, a data and insights company with projects in Africa and the Caribbean. Kenfield earned his PhD in Design and Computation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his studies straddled design, computer science, business, and social sciences. Kenfield focuses on the design and transfer of technologies in emerging markets, and improving the user experience. Kenfield and his team started mSurvey in 2010 at MIT, has since raised capital, and began scaling in Africa and the Caribbean. Kenfield has worked on projects with UWI, MIT, and the Telecommunication Authority of Trinidad and Tobago.

Janessa Mc Kell

Digital Marketing Specialist   |   LinkedIn

Janessa began her career as a graphic designer before making the leap to web design and development, and later, inbound marketing. She has worked for small and large agencies on projects of varying size and complexity but she gets the greatest satisfaction working with startups.

Currently, she leads social media marketing at Yellow House Media, a startup content marketing agency that produces custom content to help companies increase web traffic, generate leads and drive sales. Her specialties include content optimisation and distribution, web administration, channel strategy, reporting and analytics and brand development.

L. Anthony Watkins

CEO/ Principal Consultant

L. Anthony Watkins is an accomplished Organisational Development Consultant. After majoring in Psychology at the University of Toronto he worked in the fields of Social Pathology/ Mental Health, Correctional Services and Psychiatric Forensic Assessment. On his return to Trinidad and Tobago, he worked as a Guidance Officer, tutored with the UWI School of Continuing Studies and was the National Coordinator for the Attitudinal Development Project of the Youth Training and Employment Partnership Programme (YTEPP). As Principal of his company, ODYSSEY CONSULTinc Limited, his work includes Visioning and Strategy Development, Organisational Transformation, Teambuilding and Leadership Development. He is also a renowned Keynote/ Motivational Speaker across the region.

Stacy-Ann Duhaney Wilson

Chartered Marketer   |   LinkedIn

Stacy-Ann Wilson is a Chartered Marketer with a BA in Marketing & International Business & a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing. She has over 11 years experience in the marketing industry. She specializes in Business Planning including Business Development & Business Project Management with a keen interest and passion for Digital Marketing Strategies.

She has worked for unique brands such as Digicel, Stryker & Virgin and worked in the Caribbean, USA, & Europe. She is most proud of her conceptualization of the Shout Out Jamaica Campaign for Caribbean Airlines/Air Jamaica where she got some autonomy to showcase the country's true culture. She has been featured in Entrepreneur Spirit Caribbean and is the founder of Vision Shapers Creative Consultants a boutique consulting company specializing in Marketing Management Services with a concept to "marry strategy and creativity and use these to fuel business success."

Mazuree Colin Ali


Mazuree Colin Ali is an entrepreneur and CEO of several companies with a background in business, real estate and information technology. He has worked at several companies including National Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd, American Life and General Insurance Company Ltd., Shell Trinidad Ltd and Century Eslon Ltd.

In 2009, he dropped out of his MBA program to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams and launched, which has become the largest e-commerce company in the Caribbean region boasting partnerships with some of the world's leading conglomerates.

Carmen Gomez-Trigg

Development Professional, World Bank

Carmen is a private sector development professional with the World Bank. She is currently engaged in the Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean (EPIC), an initiative which promotes innovative growth oriented entrepreneurs in the region by providing them with technical assistance and seed funding to grow their ideas. The program also provides training to incubator managers and policy makers, and is funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Prior to this engagement, Carmen worked on Access to Finance in Latin America and the Caribbean with International Finance Corporation, the private sector arm of the World Bank Group. Work in this area included technical assistance projects to financial institutions in the region, as well as facilitating training courses in SME banking and Risk Management for Caribbean bankers. Most of her work has been in the area of private sector development and the micro, small and medium sectors. Her preparation for these roles have been her studies at the University of the West Indies, Frankfurt School of Business, the World Bank Institute, and her previous engagements with regional financial institutions. She considers herself a Caribbean national, who is passionate about the growth and development of her region, borders notwithstanding, and has a vested interest in seeing her people thrive and progress to their fullest potential.

Odeka O’Neil-Seaton

Communication Specialist   |  

Odeka O’Neil-Seaton is a Communication Consultant who has attained training, experience and qualifications in the Caribbean and the United Kingdom. She holds a Masters Degree and Diploma in International Journalism from the renowned School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Cardiff University, Wales. Her training in Development Communications [MAIJ] and Life Skills [Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education] equips her to communicate messages to target groups to bring out the capabilities and the possibilities of specific audiences. She also holds qualifications in Broadcast Media and Management and is trained in Psycho Linguistics.

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